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Change the Home Directory of an IIS 6 website using Powershell 2 and WMI August 3, 2010

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This function will set the home directory of an IIS 6 website using Powershell 2 (it will not work with v1).

You need to pass it the site description (from the Web Site tab in IIS), the new path and the server your website is running on (this can be a machine name or an IP address).

You wouldn’t believe how long it took me to get this working.

Function SetHomeDirectory($SiteDescription, $NewPath, $serverName)
 $query = "ServerComment = '" + $SiteDescription + "'"
 $webserver = Get-WMIObject -class IIsWebServerSetting -namespace "root\microsoftiisv2" -Filter $query -computer $serverName -authentication 6
 $nameQuery = "Name = '" + $webserver.Name + "/root'"
 $webdir = Get-WMIObject -class IIsWebVirtualDirSetting -namespace "root\microsoftiisv2" -Filter $nameQuery -computer $serverName -authentication 6
 $webdir.Path = $NewPath
 Set-WmiInstance -InputObject $webdir
SetHomeDirectory "mysite.co.uk" "d:\websites\mysite" "myServer"

Fix the problem where Windows explorer opens a new window for every folder you click on rather than just opening it in existing window February 18, 2010

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click Start > Run… and paste this command: regsvr32 /i shell32.dll