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About May 11, 2007

My name is Rupert Bates and I work for the Guardian in London England. This blog is about coding; mainly web, often functional, in .Net, Scala and occasionally Python.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Chris Smith Says:


    You had left a comment on my blog about whether or not someone from the F# team will attend TechEd Barcelona. I believe Luke Hoban, our program manager, will be attending and spreading the F# love.

    Anyways, glad to see you like F#. If there is anything you need for me or would like me to blog about just let me know.

    -Chris Smith

  2. carme cleere Says:

    If motorola xoom wont connect to internet Try when it ask to put in pass word ie internet supplier put in WPAKEY instead ihad very same problem when i got my zoom also when it asks WHEN to disconnect from internet put in only when is of it works i have no trouble with connect and disconnectin

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