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Motorola Xoom connects to wi-fi but not the internet – How to fix it May 7, 2011

Filed under: Android,Error,Xoom — Rupert Bates @ 9:01 am

I’ve recently got a Motorola Xoom tablet and when I first tried to connect to the internet at home was surprised and annoyed to find that although it would connect to my wifi no problem, it could not get an internet connection.

It seems that the problem lies in the DHCP interaction between the Xoom and my wireless router which results in the Xoom not picking up gateway information from the router. The solution was to configure a static IP address for the Xoom.

To do this do the following:

  • Go into Settings, then ‘Wireless & networks’ then ‘Wi-Fi settings’
  • Find your wi-fi network in the list and press and hold then select ‘Modify network’ from the pop up
  • Scroll down to the ‘IP settings’ drop down and switch it from DHCP to Static
  • In the ‘IP address’ box enter the same IP address which is shown higher up the same form
  • In the ‘Gateway’ box you will need to put the IP address of your router, to find this out I opened a command prompt window on a PC on the same network and typed ipconfig this will give you a Default gateway address which is what you need
  • In the the ‘Network prefix length’ box put 24 (this assumes the subnet mask from ipconfig is
  • Finally in the ‘DNS 1’ box put the same IP you put in the Gateway box
Now click Save, disconnect and reconnect from the network and when you are reconnected you should have internet access.
Note: There has been some discussion around the save button being greyed out, resulting in the following:
“the save option is usually greyed out until you have entered your password at the top, network prefix, and dns 1. make sure you have entered these things or else it wont let you save. also make sure you have entered them and they are not just grey. “

43 Responses to “Motorola Xoom connects to wi-fi but not the internet – How to fix it”

  1. […] This problem can be caused by a DHCP failure between the Xoom and the wireless router. There is a step by step solution here: Motorola Xoom connects to wi-fi but not the internet – Fix Of Code and Me […]

  2. dude!!!
    i returned on of these already because of the problem…
    came across you advise… followed it and all i can say is…

    THANK YOU!!!!

  3. Niall Mandal Says:

    Likewise, THANKS, DUDE!

  4. g8torb8t Says:

    I changed all of the data like you instructed, but it won’t let me save it. Save not highlighted. Thanks

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I have followed these steps to a tee – BUT, it does not give me an option to Save, it’s greyed out in the “Modify Network” panel. How is this possible? Now what should I do? Please help!!

  6. rainmaker Says:

    If I set up a static IP with my router’s gateway, won’t that mess up connecting in other places?

  7. Snert Says:

    Does the Xoom do this for all connections or just the odd one or two?

    • Rupert Bates Says:

      Only for some networks, probably with older routers I expect. Also its probably android rather than the xoom I think

  8. sam Says:

    Thanks so much! This worked for me and I’ve been leaving a link to this page in all the xoom/android forums I checked before ending up here where people listed a bunch of crazy schemes to get this to work.
    My router is probably considered older even though it isn’t that old D-Link DIR615.

  9. YAS Says:

    thanks! your the best! hours of head aches come to an end

  10. timok Says:

    Thanks dude, really helped me with my htc sensation

  11. azzoz Says:

    it works thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks amazing mate

    • Peter MacDonald Says:

      I tried following your instructions, but I don’t see on the entry form on my xoom any “IP address which is shown higher up the same form”. I don’t see any IP address on that form anywhere. My modem is set up to accept 192.168.15 through, but none of them seem to work. So do you have a recommendation on what IP Address I might try?

  12. Brian Ball Says:

    Thank you very much.

    Problem solved

  13. Cheri Says:

    Like Peter, the above instructions did not work for me. There is no IP address shown higher up the same form and setting the Gateway and DNS1 with a STATIC IP did not fix the issue for me.

    From my modem I have a cable going to the Computer; a cable going to Vonage (which is 192.168.15 but not used for my wifi settings); and a cable to my AirLink 101 AR725W wireless router (which is that I did use for the above instructions but to no avail).

    I would appreciate ANY help you can give as my XOOM is useless without being able to connect to the Internet through my home wifi network.

    • Palucu Says:

      Like Peter It didnt connet and no ip address above showed all i did was type the same ip address that it gave me over and over again. Below there was a comment that the person couldnt save the settings, what i did was just re-type everything and BINGO go it running. 😀

  14. Thomas Says:

    i bought mine today and ive done this many times and it still doesnt work. id advise anyone not to buy one… their nothing but useless… ive done everything possible and it still doesnt work. Waste of my money.

  15. elsergiannis Says:

    I humbly bow to your greatness!!
    Thanks from Greece

  16. Kris Says:

    I cannot get the settings to “save” it’s greyed out -anyone get around this? HELP! thanks.

  17. danny hall Says:

    ok…I have wifi signal, but it won’t let me on Google or the app store. I can access Google and apps in 4g mode…any solutions?

  18. thomas ark Says:

    the save option is usually greyed out until you have entered your password at the top, network prefix, and dns 1. make sure you have entered these things or else it wont let you save. also make sure you have entered them and they are not just grey. (tripped me up for a second too)

  19. Katy Says:

    Fantastic thankyou so much!

  20. Xiomara Says:

    is the LAN Port IP Address the same as gateway… or is that different…

  21. ademan14 Says:

    Thank you! It helps me here in Brasil.

  22. Leo Says:

    Thanks, worked well!

  23. carme cleere Says:

    Try put the WPA KEY in where it said password
    I do that and it works

  24. it'sjustme Says:

    Wow I did the samething instructed and I’m not able to connect still. Any other suggestions. My internet is working and my router.

    • Sophie Says:

      After trying this over and over again (with the internat working and the router, as my laptop connection had no problems) we finally got frustrated enough to go and buy a new wireless router (not a D-Link or Netgear) and have not had a single problem since. My advice is buy a new router…

  25. Sophie Says:

    Hi, thanks for this, its a really great step by step guide and I think it will work but I having one problem, when I disconnect from the internet after doing all this it reverts to the old settings, even though I have made the save button work after it has been greyed out it does not seem to permanently save the changes. When trying to connect my Xoom says….connecting….verifying….disconnecting, and then repeats, it very frustrating!! Is there something I am doing wrong?

  26. yun Says:

    what do with the dns2

  27. Kathy Says:

    didn’t work for me

  28. Saudi Says:

    I have solve it by upgrade the router with the newer version

  29. cynthia Says:

    hello everyone! i followed the directions but it didn’t work. here’s what worked for me. in the command prompt of your pc, type ipconfig to get your ip address and gateway. enter the ip address in the ip box and the gateway for the gateway box, then what ever you entered in the gateway should be also entered in dns1. also enter 24 in network prefix

  30. Rosie Says:

    Thank you so much for this!! 🙂 xx

  31. Jarvis Says:

    This worked perfectly! It did not immediately resolve after I follewed your instructions but I walked away for a few and then retried connecting to the internet and………………………………..success. Thanks!!!

  32. Ron Says:

    I follwed the above instructions…and at first I thought that it didn’t work. So I decided to reboot my xoom, and there you go…its up and running!!! Thanks sooooooo much!!!!!

  33. Chaitra Says:

    Thank you so much…:)
    It worked!!!

  34. ariana fea Says:

    my internet conection it nt goting the APN enable/disable is blank.if i clik on it it nt working

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