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An Implementation of Fold for C# August 20, 2009

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I expect there are a number of implementations of this around, but I couldn’t find one so I wrote this. It is an extension method which implements Fold on IEnumerable

public static class Extensions
  public delegate TDestination FoldOperation<TSource, TDestination>(TSource item, TDestination acc);
  public static TDestination Fold<TSource, TDestination>(this IEnumerable<TSource> list, FoldOperation<TSource, TDestination> foldOperation, TDestination acc)
     foreach(TSource item in list)
       acc = foldOperation(item, acc);
     return acc;

I can then use this Fold function for something like this which takes an object with a number of properties and creates a querystring with the name/value pairs of all of those properties which are non-null:

public class UrlConstructor
  //Takes a RequestParameter object with a number of properties which
  //if their value is set should be translated into querystring parameters
  public static string ConstructUrl(RequestParameters rp)
    //Get all the properties where the value is not null
    var values = typeof(RequestParameters).GetProperties().Where(p => (p.GetValue(rp, null) != null));

    //Fold these values up into a string
    var querystring = values.Fold(((p, acc) => acc + p.Name + "=" + p.GetValue(rp, null) + "&"), "").TrimEnd('&');

    return "http://mybaseurl.com/default.aspx?" + querystring;

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