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Bad technology is like an infectious disease November 11, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Rupert Bates @ 9:18 am

There are some Microsoft technologies which I avoid like an infectious disease such as Sharepoint, Silverlight and Team System. They all seem to me to be either just bad technology (Sharepoint), an expensive proprietory version of something for which there are plenty of decent open source alternatives (Team System) or just wrong from a philosophical point of view and this is the objection I have had to Silverlight. I’ve always disliked Flash because it is not open, it sits in the middle of websites like a binary black hole and refuses to let any of its content out (for indexing, accessibility, portability, whatever…) and Silverlight is the same, it would be hypocritical of me to embrace it just because it uses .Net and makes it easy for me to display rotating videos all over my browser.

However, I am starting to wonder whether in fact there is a whole other class of applications which naturally lend themselves to a technology like Flash/Flex or Silverlight, and aren’t morally corrupted by not using open web standards. I’m not entirely convinced of this, but I am at a stage where I’m thinking of taking Silverlight off the ‘infectious disease’ list…


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