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F# coolness September 25, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Rupert Bates @ 7:38 pm

Ok so I’ll admit I find F# hard going. It’s not just that the syntax is tough for a C# developer, it’s also the fact that a lot of the examples around tend to be implementing algorithms that are pretty damn complicated in themselves. It’s a bit like someone trying to explain a complex philosophical concept to you in a language where you are only just capable of ordering two beers and a plate of chips. Anyway… I am determined to get my head around it, I’m really excited by what I’ve seen so far.

The point of this post is really just to say how cool this is:


You can now create a solution with a C# user interface, (this example uses WPF but you could also use Asp.Net) and include in it an assembly written in F#. This is fantastic, it brings all of the cool language features of F# a massive step closer to being usable in real world applications.

Now whether in my role of managing a team of developers, I would actually want someone to just set off and start writing key parts of an application in F# is another issue entirely…


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