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Anyone attending/speaking at Tech Ed Barcelona 2008? September 25, 2008

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I’m going along and really looking forward to it. Some of the things I’m hoping to hear a bit about

  • MS MVC
  • Iron Ruby
  • Test Driven Development – I saw Roy Osherove doing a couple of presentations last year and they were a bit of a highlight (particularly his guitar playing)

So far the only speaker I’ve seen confirmed is Jason Zander, general manager of the Visual Studio team.

It would be great to see someone like Phil Haack or John Lam there, but I’m not holding my breath.

Anyone else out there attending or speaking? What stuff do you want to hear about?

Luke Hoban is going to be talking about F# on Monday the 10th, should be very interesting, this is now my must see session.


One Response to “Anyone attending/speaking at Tech Ed Barcelona 2008?”

  1. Roy Osherove Says:

    I’ll be speaking there this year as well. I’ll see about brining the guitar again.

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