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Blogging as a recruitment tool May 8, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Rupert Bates @ 11:59 am

I’m currently recruiting a lead Asp.Net developer position and what is becoming clear to me is that if you blog on technology and you know what you are talking about, it is an immensely powerful selling point to prospective employers.

The number of recruitment agencies operating in the IT sector in London (I’m sure this is also the case elsewhere) as well as the number of people working in .Net development means that for every vacancy I have I am flooded with CVs all packed with the same keywords, for candidates the majority of whom are quite mediocre and most of whom have no real distinguishing features in terms of their skill sets.

On the other hand, if I Google a few carefully selected terms such as “London Alt.Net” I find a load of people highly skilled in their field, interested enough in the subject to spend time blogging about it, and you can also bet that they’ll be decent communicators. What’s more I can actually go through in detail what they’ve blogged about to see if it’s correct, if I agree with what they’re saying and get a real idea of the strengths they’ll bring to the role.

The other benefit for both parties is that it avoids using agencies (sorry to all the agents that I know) meaning that the money that would have gone to the agent can be shared between the employer and the employee (in theory).

If there is any downside it is just that the very best people will always be in demand, so often this is a better way to recruit contractors than permanent employees.


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